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Linear stepping motor control technology and analysis of the development of the motor industry

The linear stepping motor is a special motor for control. The linear stepping motor cannot be directly connected to the DC or AC power supply to work, and must use a dedicated drive power supply (stepping motor driver).

The number of phases of linear stepper motor and how to maintain torque running performance

The linear stepper motor is an actuator that converts electrical pulses into angular displacement.

When installing the linear stepper motor, the vibration and wiring connection need to pay attention to

When installing the linear stepper motor, do not apply direct impact to the shaft. For the connection between the encoder shaft of the stepper motor and the machine, a flexible connector should be used.

What are the main factors that affect the wire cutting process indicators of the screw stepper motor?

High-speed wire mechanism The high-speed wire routing mechanism is mainly composed of the upper and lower frame of the wire storage drum assembly, gear pair, screw pair, reversing device and insulating parts, which are used to drive the wire electrode to move at a certain linear speed and keep the wire electrode neat Arranged on the online storage drum.
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