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Three Phase Stepper Motors



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Three Phase Stepper Motors

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After years of research and summary for the universal demand of the motion control in various areas of the industrial automation,we CW motor carefully planned the stepper motor production line.CW hybrid stepper motor use the high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet and high temperature perma - nent magnet materials.And we adopt the unique leading magnetic circuit design proposal in the industrial area.Our motor has the characteristic of high running torque, low tem- perature rising, high reliability and so on.It has good internal damping characteristics, no obvious oscillation area and operate smooth.



At present, the CW products are widely used in the automa-tion equipment, such as engraving machine, laser machine,CNC machine, Medical Equipment,the electronic processing equipment, textile & garment machinery, etc.



The number of phases of the motor refers to the number of coils inside the motor. The two-phase stepper motor is composed of two coils, while the three-phase stepper motor is composed of three coils.
The three-phase motor is generally a large motor, so the size is generally larger than that of the two-phase motor, which also determines that the three-phase stepper motor runs more smoothly than the two-phase motor.
The three-phase stepper motor has good high-speed performance (harder characteristics), and has a smaller step angle and better accuracy than the two-phase stepper motor. Since the torque decreases slowly with the increase of speed, it is usually used in occasions where high precision is required.


Name Rule

CW X1 BH X2 X3- X4X5- X6

CW: Changzhou Chuangwei Motor&Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd

X1: Motor frame size

BH: Hybrid stepper motor

X2: 1、If lack, it means it is two phase(four phase)regular torque

motor. The Step Angleis 1.8°

X3: Body length of the motor

X4: Motor current, three digits

X5: Motor winding and connection mode

X6: The manufacturer serial number

Note: 4 lead wire indicates A, 6 lead wire indicatse B, 8 lead wire indicates C, 5 lead wire indicates D, 3 lead wire indicates E.


42BHP Mechanical Specifications

42BHP Electrical Specifications

57BHP Mechanical Specifications

57BHP Electrical Specifications

60BHP Mechanical Specifications

60BHP Electrical Specifications

86BHP Mechanical Specifications

86BHP Electrical Specifications

110BHP Mechanical Specifications

110BHP Electrical Specifications



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